We have rooms available to meet all needs

Single rooms:

  • A single bed (size 190 centimetres x 100cm)
  • A desk and its chair
  • Internet Access in the same room via optical fibre cables
  • A broad window
  • A bathroom with a shower, a washbasin and a toilet
  • A wardrobe
  • All enclosed spaces are provided with heating
  • The room is fully sound-proofed and offers you the chance of enjoying your maximum privacy
  • Access to the room door with a magnetic card or a key

Double rooms with a bathroom:

  • The resident has Internet access in the same room via optical fibre cables , with the same services as the single rooms have.

disabled-person-signal-of-black-square    We also have some adapted rooms for students with some physical or motor disability


The common services offered by the Residence Hall are:

  • A common air-conditioned dining room
  • Equipped office on each floor for the exclusive use of the residents
  • Study rooms with WiFi
  • An air-conditioned living room with a TV
  • Vending service (vending machines with coffee and soft drinks)
  • Self-service laundry and ironing. Detergent and fabric softener should be provided by the resident
  • A garden
  • A chapel
  • An auditorium
  • A small parking and some bicycle parking space
  • Lifts